Arugam Bay Girls Surf Club

Help us buy surfboards, build a clubhouse and fund beach clean-ups!

All donations go directly to the club members.

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Arugam Bay Girls Surf Club
Arugam Bay Girls Surf Club


Arugam Bay Girls Surf Club

Are you travelling to Arugam Bay and want to learn how to surf?

Our club president Shamali offers beginner lessons!

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Arugam Bay Girls Surf Club

We love to engage with fellow surfers. Want to organise a beach clean-up, photograph during our surf lessons or host a fundraiser – tell us more!

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Arugam Bay Girls Surf Club

Our Supporters

Surfing federation of Sri Lanka

The ABGSC is the first female surf club registered with the Surfing Federation of Sri Lanka (SFSL), which supports the club’s vision to get more local women on waves.

Founded in 2018, the SFSL governs the sport of surfing and stand up paddle (SUP) in Sri Lanka. The SFSL promotes unity and inclusion in the surfing community, provides local surfers with International Surfing Association (ISA) coaching and water safety training, and supports the development of local surf clubs.

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Surfing the nations

Surfing the Nations (STN) is a local partner of the Arugam Bay Girls Surf Club.

A non-profit organization based in Wahiawa, Hawaii, STN is run by ‘surfers giving back’ and has been present in Sri Lanka since 1998. Following the tsunami in 2004, STN has been working to help the community recover. Today, STN works with the community in Arugam Bay, enabling more local children and women to surf, and spreading friendship and love.

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Girls make waves

Girls Make Waves (GMW) is a program by Tiffany Carothers with STN, to provide women and girls from any culture with access to water sports. Tiffany started the first Girls Make Waves events in Arugam Bay in 2015, and has been continuously supporting the local girls to learn how to swim and surf.

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Arugam bay surf club

The Arugam Bay Surf Club is the ABGSC’s male counterpart. The club was founded in 2003 with the goal to promote professional and safe surfing in Arugam Bay.

The need to have a separate girls surf club stems from the cultural barriers that Sri Lankan women face in accessing the waves. Nonetheless, the two clubs share common goals and collaborate in achieving them.

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We also want to say thank you to Salty Swamis for sponsoring our first surf boards, and to Azure SWIM for providing our club with surf leggings.